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Upholstery Solutions Canada was established as a new division under Tom's Upholstery to solely serve the increasing demand for design/build upholstery in the commercial, industrial, and medical sectors. We are your friendly partner for supplying and delivering upholstery in Ontario and across Canada and can handle a broad spectrum of your needs. From repairs to the complete remodelling of an entire restaurant, you can rely on us for genuine upholstery solutions. Our products have shipped from the east to the west coast.


Tom's Upholstery primarily focuses on supplying the auto/marine and aircraft industries with complete upholstery services. With the experience of being in the industry for over 80 years, Tom's Upholstery has developed an expertise for automotive, aircraft, and marine upholstery installations and repairs. Tom's Upholstery was started in 1938 by Tom Mech and in 1967, his son Ed Mech took over. Terry and Kathy VanTilborg bought Tom's Upholstery from Ed Mech in 2006, with Terry having worked with Ed Mech for 30 plus years.

Contact us today to learn more about the range of upholstery services we offer.

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